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The App

Avoid the mediators. Unlock efficiencies.

DoMyToDo is a platform that connects customers with freelance workers.


While competitor apps exist in other regions (e.g. TaskRabbit in the USA), there is no strong vendor currently in Greece. As a first mover into the space, DoMyToDo will be able to capture significant market share rapidly, taking advantage of network effects.


“Seekers” - or customers looking to find people to help them complete a task, job, or chore - search through the platform for listings while “Givers” - or freelance workers with specialised skills - present themselves in the platform with short descriptions of their work offers.


The platform allows for direct communication between the two, for quick, seamless, and obtrusive-less exchange of services. Seekers and Givers alike can sign up in seconds to either hire or provide services. Seekers can easily sort through the job listings, filter the ones they are interested in and bid! Givers, after submitting the kind of service they are offering up for sale, can review receiving bids and communicate directly with the corresponding Giver.


DoMyToDo, avoiding the man-in-the-middle approach and providing an incredibly responsive system that allows anyone to hire or be hired in minutes, makes for a reliable, trustworthy, and incredibly easy solution that any user can begin using today.





  • DoMyToDo is a platform agnostic website, designed as a mobile-first web app

  • While the web app has been optimized for mobile access, it can be access from desktop as well

Interactive maps

  • Worker has access to all available jobs next to him/her

  • Employer has access to all workers near them and can filter according to specialty

  • Geolocation based either on IP or GPS

Airtight security

  • Communications between workers and clients are encrypted

  • Payments are carried out directly between parties, and DoMyToDo does not collect and process financial information


Source a variety of professionals with different skills, including:







Meet the Team

The DoMyToDo team consists of high-school students. The team is led by volunteer industry professionals, who serve as mentors. Meet them below.

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